10 Top Reasons to Rent the Villa of your Dreams this Summer

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Malta summers are meant to be spent poolside with a cocktail in hand for the ultimate relaxation vibes. Doesn’t this sound like the absolute best? Make it yours with Simon Mamo Real Estate – rent a villa in Malta this summer!

Malta is known for its 300+ days of sunshine, glorious heat and tanning opportunities, and the summer months on our golden islands are best spent taking in the rays in a beautiful surrounding. If you want to live your best life this summer, do yourself a favour and rent out one of our prime villas available for long-let.

With the vast selection of villas for rent in Madliena, Bahar ic-Caghaq, Mellieha, Siggiewi and so many other hot locations – your summer villa fantasies can come true with one simple call to Simon Mamo

Need some more convincing? Here are 10 top reasons to rent a villa in Malta this summer!

1.  Avoid the crowds with your own Private Pool

If you love your daily swim but dread the drive to the beach only to find a crowd of people taking up most of the beach before you’ve even parked the car – your own private pool is the way to go this summer!

Renting a villa in Malta is a lifestyle that you will easily dive into! It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a quick dip with peace and tranquility to fill your day and ease your mind!

2.  Early Morning or Late Night Swim? No problem!

It’s always a good time to swim when you’ve got your own villa equipped with a private pool at your every beck and call!

Whether you’re an early riser looking to get some laps in before you start your day or a night owl enjoying the luxuries of your own rented villa, the option’s always there! And that’s awesome.

3.  Endless Entertainment for your Kids this Summer

If your little ones are tagging along with you this summer, you might want to keep them entertained with endless adventures within the property! They’d never get enough of the pool either – so slap on that sun cream, pop a hat on their little heads and give them an unforgettable summer break.

4.  Family Visiting Malta – you’ve got the Room

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to our sunny islands, if you’ve got family coming to Malta this summer, you’ll most definitely have room to host your relatives during your long-let with Simon Mamo.

Everyone can enjoy the beauty of your rental villa in Malta, so why not share the experience and make this the best extended summer vacation for the entire family?

5.  Your Sun Tan will never Look Better

Time in the pool is best accompanied by a lounging session on the sunbeds, where tan-lines will be non-existent, neighbouring disturbances will be unheard of and cool-off sessions will only require a quick scurry to your very own pool.

Give yourself the glow of the summer with a sun tan that will make you the envy of all your friends.

6.  You’ll be the best Host for Summer ‘22

And speaking of friends, they can tag along for the fun too, can’t they? Your weekends will never live up to the fantastic pool party, evening BBQ or sunbed days that you host for all your friends in your rental villa this summer.

The perfect villa for rent in Malta is out there and you deserve to enjoy it with all your friends for a weekend or two.

7.  Up your Insta Game this Summer

If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen, right? Well needless to say, you’ll have all the Insta-worthy shots you need in your rented villa this summer. From poolside gatherings to chilled nights in the garden, there’s a swarm of content potential waiting to be discovered.

And the best part… no filters needed!

8.  Beat the Heat in the Perfect Environment

When those sun rays are getting a little too much, your next escape is a room away… literally.

Find your zen in the gorgeous indoor spaces of your rental villa, with full air-conditioning, spacious rooms with expert finishings and of course WiFi throughout the villa!

9.  Experience Malta the Luxury Way

A trip to Malta is always special. There’s the sea, the sun, the sand and in your case the luxury surroundings of your rental villa in Malta to capture your heart too.

If you’re looking to enjoy the luxury lifestyle on the idyllic Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo, finding your perfect villa for rent is the best way to go. Give Simon Mamo Real Estate a call – we’ll help you out!

10.  Make your Summer Fantasy come True

You deserve the best summer this year, don’t you? Well if you’re excited to give your summer the boost it needs with all the relaxing vibes of island life, finding the best villa for rent in Malta should be on your agenda.


Make your summer fantasies come true – you’ve earned it!


So, if you’re looking to live your best life this summer, get in touch with Simon Mamo for the best villa options on the island. Our experts will guide you in finding the perfect property to meet your needs.


Whether you’re here to entertain the young ones, looking for some down time or hoping to live it loud this summer there’s the top villa for rent in Malta for you – Simon Mamo Real Estate just need to find it!


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