5 Luxury Experiences the Simon Mamo Way

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Living it up is rather easy on an island cluster surrounded by sea and with these 5 top luxury experiences in Malta, Gozo and Comino you will enjoy the ride with the ultimate set up! This selection of luxury experiences will allow you to appreciate the natural, cultural and super lifestyle options in Malta, the Simon Mamo Way.

But it all starts with a comfortable, accessible and 100% luxury lifestyle rental through none other than one of our real estate consultants.
Rent a Villa
Let’s start off with your home away from home – the place you will recharge, revitalise and reimagine your view of Malta or Gozo. We’re talking about a dream villa of course, and with Simon Mamo Real Estate your choices are absolutely endless.

Our real estate portfolio is stacked with thousands of luxury lifestyle villas that will make your stay in Malta, no matter how long it is, as pampered and elite as possible. From pool-side farmhouses in Gozo to seaview villas in Mellieha, tranquillity is just around the corner and we’re ready to take you there in just a few easy steps.

Get in touch with one of our real estate experts to organise the ideal villa rental in Malta or Gozo to make your Malta holiday an absolute treat!
Charter a Yacht
You must have heard that the Maltese islands are a haven for super swimming sessions and relaxed-as-the-come beach days where the sun and your vibes are entirely in sync! But what if you could achieve all this away from the crowded beaches and long vendor queues?

The answer there is simple; renting a yacht for the day, weekend or week could give you the escape from reality that you’ve always hoped for! There are many options out there, but getting in touch with Simon Mamo Real Estate will make sure you’ve chosen the perfect yacht to charter on the Maltese islands.

Sail to Comino’s Blue Lagoon and enjoy a refreshing cocktail after a dip in the azure waters, or feel the wind in your hair as you voyage towards the Blue Hole where Gozo’s natural wonders await your jaw-dropped reactions!

Michelin Experience
Food and entertainment are two major experiences to look forward to in Malta and Gozo, local Chefs are overly in touch with the bounty of produce provided by the Mediterranean sun and soil, so not only are our local ingredients supreme – they’re handled with passion.

Malta’s Michelin map is on the rise, with 1-star eateries shining bright for their creativity, innovation and delicious plating presentations. Some of the best restaurants in Malta’s capital include 1-Starred Noni and Michelin-mentioned 59 Republic as well as Gozo’s It-Tmun and Ta’ French.

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Malta, and while the Michelin Guide celebrated some of the best on the island, the Definitive(ly) Good Guide also provides a fair choice of Malta’s top rated restaurants based on public opinion.
Trip to the Spa
No luxury lifestyle is complete without a regular visit to the spa. Whether you’re hoping to unwind, treat those sore muscles from all the fun you’ve been having or simply relax in the tranquillity of a spa resort; Malta and Gozo have you covered!

The Kempinski Hotel in Gozo has one of the most luxurious spas on the islands, where no effort is wasted in providing all spa guests with a meditative and relaxing environment to sink into effortlessly.

In addition to spa treatments and expert practitioners, you can also sit back and relax; a fine beverage of choice in hand, as you watch all your troubles disappear pool-side – a change of scenery from your Simon Mamo villa rental.
Helicopter Tour
The seascape of Malta if glorious; not only are there beautiful towering cliffs to enjoy as you hover over the entire periphery of Malta, Gozo and Comino, but the interesting structure of the islands, together with the geological strata, will give you a bird’s eye view of the tiniest rocks in the Mediterranean.

Booking your helicopter tour might seem like a lot of hard work, but with our expert contact list at Simon Mamo Real Estate, you will be given the ultimate choice in quality, luxury and safety.

Use your helicopter tour to make your way from Malta to Gozo for a long weekend break – but don’t forget to book another Simon Mamo villa before you touch down on the greener sister island! We’ve got what you need, and more importantly, we’ve got exactly what you want… you might not even know you want it yet!

Get in touch with Simon Mamo Real Estate to make sure your accommodation and entertainment needs are 100% luxurious 100% of the time! Your stay in Malta, Gozo and Comino can be as special as you want it – all you need is the right contact!

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