A Comprehensive Guide to Malta’s Property Taxation System

property taxation

Investing in Maltese real estate, whether as a homebuyer or property investor, requires a comprehensive understanding of the local taxation system to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and avoid any financial surprises down the road. As Malta’s property market continues to flourish, it’s crucial for all property buyers and sellers to be well-informed about their tax obligations in order to make the most out of their investments. At Simon Simonmamo, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing tailored guidance, helping clients navigate Malta’s property taxation system with ease and confidence.

In this insightful and in-depth article, we will explore the key aspects of Malta’s property taxation landscape, addressing topics such as stamp duty, capital gains tax, rental income tax, and exemptions applicable to various types of property transactions. With our intent-driven content, we aim to provide a detailed yet easy-to-understand guide tailored specifically to suit the needs of buyers, sellers, and property investors in Malta.

At Simon Simonmamo, we understand the complexities and challenges that property taxation may present, particularly to those who are new to the Maltese real estate market. Our years of experience and local expertise enable us to offer valuable insights and practical advice that simplify the property taxation process, ensuring that our clients have all the necessary information to make well-informed decisions in line with their investment goals.

Embark on your journey through Malta’s property taxation system with our comprehensive guide, offering step-by-step support and unravelling the complexities of taxes in an accessible way. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an experienced international investor, or a real estate professional seeking to broaden your knowledge, our insightful guide is designed to provide you with the confidence and understanding needed to excel in Malta’s thriving property market. Allow us to streamline the tax complexities of property transactions for you, demystifying the process and ensuring that your property acquisition in Malta is a financially sound and rewarding experience.

Stamp Duty Explained

Stamp duty is a tax levied on various legal documents, including those related to property transactions in Malta. Understanding the rules and rates associated with stamp duty is crucial for both buyers and sellers:

  1. Rates: In general, property buyers are required to pay a 5% stamp duty on the property’s purchase price or market value, depending on whichever is higher. First-time buyers, however, benefit from an exemption on the stamp duty for the first €175,000 of the property value.
  2. Timeframes: Stamp duty is payable in two instalments – a 1% provisional duty paid upon signing the promise of sale agreement, and the remaining 4% due upon signing the final deed of sale.
  3. Exemptions: Specific property transactions, such as transfers of property within the family, may be eligible for stamp duty exemptions or reduced rates, subject to certain criteria.

Capital Gains Tax Essentials

Capital gains tax is payable on any profit made from the sale of a property in Malta. Familiarise yourself with the rates and exemptions associated with this tax:

  1. Rates: Capital gains tax is typically levied at a flat rate of 8% on the property’s selling price or market value, whichever is higher. For certain categories of sellers, lower rates may be applicable.
  2. Exemptions: Primary residences, inherited property, and transfers within the family may be exempted from capital gains tax or subject to reduced rates, provided specific criteria are met.
  3. Deductions: When calculating capital gains tax liability, sellers can deduct certain expenses and costs, such as brokerage fees, renovation costs, and legal expenses, from the property’s selling price.

Navigating Rental Income Tax

If you’re a property investor earning rental income in Malta, it’s crucial to comply with the local tax regulations:

  1. Rates: Rental income is subject to a flat tax rate of 15% on the annual gross rent, applicable to both Maltese and foreign property owners.
  2. Reporting: Property owners must declare their rental income and submit an annual tax return to the Maltese tax authorities.
  3. Deductions: Property owners may be eligible for deductions on certain property-related expenses, such as maintenance costs, professional fees, and insurance premiums, reducing their taxable rental income.

Tax Reliefs and Exemptions for Property Transactions

Malta offers various tax reliefs and exemptions to encourage specific types of property transactions and investments:

  1. First-Time Buyers: As mentioned earlier, first-time homebuyers benefit from a stamp duty exemption on the first €175,000 of their property purchase.
  2. Property Restoration: Investors who undertake restoration projects on historic properties may be eligible for tax incentives, including reduced capital gains tax rates, provided they meet specific criteria and obtain the necessary permits.
  3. Special Designated Areas (SDAs): Properties located in SDAs are exempt from specific tax requirements that typically apply to non-Maltese buyers, such as obtaining an acquisition of immovable property permit.


Navigating the property taxation system in Malta can be a complex task, with numerous regulations, rates, and exemptions to consider. A thorough understanding of these tax obligations is essential for buyers, sellers, and property investors to make educated decisions that align with their financial goals.

If you’re planning to buy a luxury property for sale in Malta and unsure how to navigate the taxation system, the expert team at Simon Simonmamo is here to help you every step of the way. With our extensive knowledge of Malta’s property taxation system and our commitment to client success, we can guide you through this intricate landscape and ensure you’re well-prepared to make sound financial decisions. Reach out to our skilled professionals today to discover how we can help you unlock the full potential of your property investment in Malta.

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