Navigating Malta’s Real Estate Market: Buying, Selling, and Renting Property in 2024

Malta's Real Estate

Malta, a picturesque archipelago in the Mediterranean, has become an attractive destination for real estate investment due to its stable economy, friendly tax environment, and enticing lifestyle offerings. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to purchase your dream home, an investor seeking rental income, or a seller aiming to maximise your return on investment, understanding the intricacies of Malta’s real estate market is essential in making informed decisions and reaping the benefits of successful property transactions. At Simonmamo, we’re dedicated to arming you with the knowledge you need to navigate the Maltese property market in 2024 confidently.

Our informative and unique blog content strategy centres around providing an unrivalled understanding of the ins and outs of buying, selling, and renting property in Malta. The topics we will cover range from understanding key market trends and identifying the best areas to invest to detailed walkthroughs of the property purchasing process and efficient management of rental properties.

A Snapshot of Malta’s Real Estate Market in 2024

Since the beginning of the new decade, Malta’s property market has seen steady growth, making it an increasingly attractive option for investors and buyers alike. In 2024, average property prices have continued to rise, buoyed by a strong economy, increased foreign investment, and continual growth in the tourism sector. To stay ahead of the trends and make informed decisions, it’s crucial to understand the local market dynamics by studying property price indices, market reports, and future growth projections.

Best Areas for Property Investments

When considering property investments in Malta, location is key to maximising your return on investment. In 2024, these are some of the top areas for property investment in Malta:

  1. Sliema and St. Julian’s: Known as prime locations for luxury properties, these coastal towns offer a modern and vibrant lifestyle with strong rental demand, thanks to their close proximity to major business hubs.
  2. Gzira and Msida: These areas present more affordable property investment opportunities, particularly for apartments catering to the University of Malta student community and professionals working in the nearby business hubs.
  3. Valletta: As Malta’s capital city, Valletta provides excellent investment prospects for exclusive historical properties with high rental demand from tourists, expats, and locals seeking a unique city lifestyle.
  4. Gozo: The sister island of Malta offers a more laid-back and rural lifestyle, making it a growing property investment market for those seeking tranquil residences and holiday homes. Consider areas such as Victoria, Xaghra, and Marsalforn for promising investment opportunities.

Buying Property in Malta: Step-by-Step Guide

Purchasing a property in Malta can be a seamless experience if you follow the right steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help streamline the process:

  1. Define your budget and investment goals.
  2. Partner with a reputable real estate agency like Simon Mamo to support your property search.
  3. Filter and shortlist properties based on your desired location, budget, and preferences.
  4. Schedule property viewings with your real estate agent and take notes on each to aid your decision-making process.
  5. Conduct thorough due diligence, considering aspects like ventilation, noise levels, and potential for growth.
  6. Obtain legal and financing advice to plan for potential contingencies and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.
  7. Negotiate an offer and sign a Promise of the Sale agreement, also known as a “konvenju”, which secures your commitment to purchase while allowing time for necessary legal checks to be completed.
  8. Complete the final contract and pay the outstanding balance, including property transfer taxes and professional fees.

Selling Property in Malta: Maximising Your Returns

To successfully sell your property and achieve the best possible outcome, consider the following tips:

  1. Engage a reputable real estate agency, such as Simon Mamo, to ensure your property is marketed effectively and reaches the right audience.
  2. Prepare your property for sale by making necessary repairs, upgrades, and decluttering, creating a neutral and inviting space for potential buyers.
  3. Price your property realistically, in line with current market conditions, taking into consideration the location, condition, and unique features of your property.
  4. Allow ample time for property viewings and provide potential buyers with necessary documentation and information to aid their decision-making process.
  5. Stay informed about market trends and local laws to facilitate a smooth sale and maximise your return on investment.

Rental Property Management: Tips for Success

Effectively managing your rental property portfolio is key to consistent returns and long-term success. Consider these essential tips:

  1. Screen potential tenants carefully, including verifying employment, checking references, and conducting credit checks.
  2. Prepare a legally binding lease agreement outlining the terms, duration, and respective responsibilities of both parties.
  3. Implement an efficient rent collection system to ensure timely payments and maintain a positive cash flow.
  4. Regularly inspect and maintain your property to avoid costly repairs and ensure it remains in good condition, keeping your tenants satisfied.
  5. Keep detailed records, such as rental income, expenses, and legal documentation, to simplify tax reporting and provide a comprehensive overview of your rental property performance.


Navigating Malta’s real estate market in 2024 requires up-to-date knowledge, strategic planning, and expert guidance. By understanding key market trends, identifying promising locations, and following best practices in buying, selling, and managing properties, you can achieve success in Malta’s thriving property market. Reach out to Simonmamo for tailored real estate advice and professional assistance to help you confidently buy, sell, or rent property in Malta. Together, we’ll achieve your property investment goals and turn your dreams into reality.

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