Simon Mamo’s 3 Tips to Find your next Rental in Malta

Tips for Choosing your next Rental Home

Calling a house a home is one of the most rewarding steps in life. Whether it’s a forever home that you can proudly call your own or a rental haven that suits your every need with far less responsibility and commitment. The property market is equipped to suit a variety of budgets within different property requests, from rental penthouses in Sliema, to family homes for rent in Swieqi or farmhouses for long let in Gozo – there’s always a rental option for you.

Going through the process of renting a property is exciting and inspiring, especially if you are doing the search with the right people! Looking for the ideal rental property under the wrong guidance can be a tiring and time consuming process; but with the right advice you can unlock a world of rental property potential across the entire islands of Malta and Gozo. Simon Mamo is the answer.
Why choose Simon Mamo Real Estate to find a Rental Property?
Simon Mamo Real Estate are the number one property agency focused on delivering a tailor-made customer experience with access to a huge portfolio of rental properties in Malta and Gozo. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence throughout your rental search in Malta will allow you to fully enjoy the experience of house hunting.

Our friendly yet professional agents will tirelessly work to find your ideal rental apartment with all the wants and needs of your daily lifestyle, the private villa in Gozo with pool of your dreams or the family rental home perfect for your relocation needs.

There are so many tips and tricks our professionals can teach you while you’re working on that rental property search. But just to give you an idea of the exceptional experience you will receive when working with Simon Mamo Real Estate, here are 3 top tips on choosing your next rental in Malta – straight from the experts’ mouths!
Essentials & Priorities: the Rental Groundwork
When you’re on the hunt for your next rental property, a few things need to be clear in your, the renter’s head. Some of the basic necessities to discuss before the search begins include:
Rental Budget
Rental Location
Rental Area
Rental Type
Rental Length
Rental Requirements
Rental Terms

Prepare yourself for this quest by organising all your paperwork and other important documents, familiarise yourself with all the latest rental laws and regulations and scout the area for its basic amenities, interesting points of interest and other valuable locality features to your lifestyle.

During your research, your priorities will become clear: location to work, desired school districts, safe neighborhood, walking distance to nearby attractions, and so on.
Early & Often: the Rental Golden Rule
If you’re thinking of moving from your current location into a new rental in Malta or Gozo, start looking sooner rather than later. There’s generally a lot of interest in the nicer properties out there so scouting the field, looking into property availability and getting to know what’s out there on the market will make the choosing process a whole lot easier.

The rental of your dreams could be available right now within your budget and exceeding all your expectations – but you might need some help making this happen. Simon Mamo Real Estate knows just what to do and how to do it!
Expert & Professional: the Rental Solution
Simon Mamo Real Estate is synonyms with years and years of quality real estate services, from your initial rental briefing to the final rental contract, you’ll always find the advice, processing and after sales to be of the highest quality.

Getting Simon Mamo to sort out all your rental needs and necessities will make your rental experience fun, straightforward and an entirely rewarding process. We know exactly what to expect at every step of the way on your rental journey – we also know how to tackle all the difficult situations and do our best to avoid them in the first place.

Our extensive portfolio is our daily read, we know exactly what’s happening on the market and what properties we have available to you. Our large selection of rental properties in Malta and Gozo allow for flexible budgets and a variety of expectations.

Saving your time and energy for the big move is a smart choice when you’re looking for a rental property. Let Simon Mamo Real Estate do what they do best and get you into your new rental in no time!

The most important lesson you can learn in the rental property hunt though, is to follow your gut feeling. Whether it’s a good feeling or a not so good one, remember to be honest with your agent – giving them the right tools to support you and your choices during the big search!
With Simon Mamo, you’ll have a helping hand to guide you every step of the way. Contact Simon Mamo for your personalised search for rental real estate in Malta and Gozo.

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