The 3 Golden Perks of Simon Mamo will make you Want to Join the Team!

female real estate agent communicating with couple while showing them new apartment

Joining the Simon Mamo Real Estate team needs no major convincing – if you’re looking to join a professional yet fun, family-run team that’s fuelled by a dynamic energy and can-do attitude there’s no need to look further!

But if you do need a little more convincing, there are so many factors that allow you to bring home the bacon (thick slabs of it) in the most positive and rewarding environments. Becoming one of the Simon Mamo Real Estate agents is an achievement that will boost your confidence, your work-life balance and your bank balance!

Here are the top reasons we think you’d be interested in joining the Simon Mamo team:
Endless Potential & Experience: Talk about Listings for Days
We’ve been in the business of finding people’s dream homes for years now, 35 years and counting in fact! Started off by namesake Simon Mamo, the real estate agency is now run by Hugo, Sam and Mark, the Mamo brothers who make sure that the extensive list of 60,000 properties is always kept up-to-date and ready to roll for all the new recruits who eagerly join the team!

With a portfolio featuring a variety of property types, from villas to penthouses, farmhouses to studio apartments as well as an array of commercial properties; the opportunities and possibilities for newly employed real estate agents are endless.

Our family-run environment is perfect for newcomers to feel welcome and find their feet in a structured and nurturing environment.
Commission is the new Normal: Grind and Conquer
But what’s an extensive portfolio worth if the commission is sad and unfair? Nothing – at least that’s what we believe at Simon Mamo! That’s exactly why we aim to provide all our agents with fair and reasonable commission rates – the best on the island in fact!

As you work your way up the agent ladder you can also expect to increase your income and improve your commission rates. Our ethos at Simon Mamo is to encourage all our agents to strive for a better real estate market – starting with their own actions and efforts on the job!

Unleash your uncapped earning potential with Simon Mamo Real Estate today!
9-5, 10-6, 12-3: your Time, your Way!
Your time is precious, we know how difficult it can get to juggle the daily efforts of modern day life, and we want you to know that we’ll help you find your way through all your daily work challenges – just to take the load off a little!

Manage your time with flexible starting times, a calendar and schedule system that you can organise according to your and your client’s availability as well as the option to join our energetic and optimistic team on a part-time or full-time basis! You could even be one of our virtual real estate agents!

There’s really nothing stopping you from making this work! So go on then, what are you waiting for… apply to join the Simon Mamo Real Estate team today!

Get in touch with us for more details, a quick interview or a full-on induction into the team, we’re here to mentor you towards the best real estate career on the Maltese islands!

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