Top Areas to Rent Property in Malta: Sliema, St Julian’s & Swieqi

Top Areas to Rent Property

Choosing the right place for rent in Malta can take a little time if you’re new to the island or if you’ve only ever lived in one part of the country. Luckily you’ve got the Simon Mamo experts here to lend a hand and let you in on the industry secrets.
Depending on your daily needs and what you’re expecting from your rental property, we’ve got the perfect property for you – we just need to find it together.
Here are some of Malta’s hottest rental options for those of you looking for peak entertainment solutions, easy access to the capital and direct routes to and from your place of work. Read on to learn more:
Sliema, St Julian’s, Swieqi
Sliema, St Julian’s and Swieqi are some of the most coveted areas on the island. With increased interest in these 3 urban cities, our agents will search far and wide to unveil the picture perfect property that delivers all the perks you’re looking for.
Located in the central part of Malta, these cities are amongst the favourites for home owners in Malta. With a focus on entertainments as the localities’ biggest asset, Sliema, St Julian’s and Swieqi are ideal for those who are looking to truly enjoy the perks of Malta’s social scene.
Sliema is home to a long promenade that offers stunning, uninterrupted seascape views. Picture yourself waking up to your morning coffee with the views of the Mediterranean Sea greeting you on the daily.
Sliema is also home to a great café and shopping culture that encourages you to live your best life with a glass of prosecco in one hand and a well-deserved shopping haul in the other. It’s also a key spot for all those who deem fitness as a priority in their routine, whether it’s a morning run or an after-work jog, the promenade is always there to welcome you, the gentle sea breeze to power you on, the friendly neighbours and their cheery dogs to exchange a quick hello with.
Top Properties to rent in Sliema:
St Julian’s
St Julian’s is a few meters away from Sliema, with a promenade that merges into one between these neighbouring cities. St Julian’s is home to some of Malta’s finest restaurants where variety is the ultimate goal; much to the delight of your tastebuds.
The picturesque Spinola Bay houses unique fishing boats that are known as the luzzu – perfect as the backdrop to the delicious spaghetti vongole paired with a crisp glass of white wine that you ordered at the restaurant right on the water’s edge. Talk about idyllic.
Top Properties to rent in St Julian’s:
Swieqi is a very popular area for rental in Malta. With a thriving entertainment scene featuring the island’s pumping clubs, top bars, mellow pubs and hip eateries for the morning, afternoon and night scene you hoped to achieve on this Mediterranean wonderland.
Property in Swieqi is versatile, you can opt for seaview penthouses, own-door apartments, small flats and even shared accommodation – it really depends what you’re after. This areas really has it all.
Top Properties to rent in Swieqi:
Sliema, St Julian’s and Swieqi are great spots to live in if you’re a local or want to live like a local who knows what’s what! Here are some of the perks you can expect from the neighbouring areas:
a wide and populated promenade to keep your fitness goals in check,
cafés and bistros for your morning fix before you hit the office,
shopping centres to treat yourself to a new wardrobe every now and then,
supermarkets, convenience shops and speciality shops to meet your every need,
banks, doctors’ clinics, dentists, insurance hubs and all those other necessary spots,
hair salons, spas, gyms, wellness centres and zen zones for that special me time,
sea views that make everyday that little bit more worthwhile,
a well-connected bus system, ample taxi hubs and scooter rental service stations,
the island’s best restaurants including award-winning and Michelin restaurants and
clubs, bars, pubs and casinos for when you want to live a little.
Living in these well-loved areas might cost you a little more than other areas on the island, but they’re also packed with quality adventures waiting to unfold. Sliema, St Julian’s and Swieqi are some of the most coveted areas on the island because they are amongst the best for a long list of reasons.
If you want to find out how you can live in one of these top areas, get in touch with a Simon Mamo representative today to learn more about finding your perfect rental in Sliema, St Julian’s or Swieqi.

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