Step Buying Process

Buying property in Malta can range from being a big decision if you are a first time buyer or an obvious investment option for property mogul

with Simon Mamo Real Estate’s help, you can enter the property ladder with a few simple steps accompanied by our solid advice and guidance throughout the process.
Entering the property ladder in Malta is a relatively easy process, especially when compared to neighbouring EU countries, as well as beyond. Simon Mamo’s 5 Step Process can make that property journey a simple guide that makes such a big milestone moment an exciting and inspiring process:


The Property Hunt

this first step starts off on where you will be met with a portfolio of stunning properties that will surely meet your requirements. Filter from property features, location and bedroom count - this will give you an idea of what’s out there.


The Bank Choice

use this time wisely and shop around to find the local bank that best suits your needs and requirements. You will also be looking at the rates and the loan amount that you will be offered from each bank - this will indicate your budget.

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The Expert Contact

during this phase you will need to contact a Simon Mamo Real Estate expert to give you the inside scoop on the hottest properties around based on your budget and needs. You will be taken on private viewings of properties that suit your requirements within the areas that you’d like to relocate to - this will ultimately lead to an offer.

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The Official Promise

here you will be guided by your real estate agent to visit a notary, where 10% of the total property price plus 1% (of the 5%) Stamp Duty* will need to be held by the notary. They will then draw up a Promise of Sale (subject to Bank Loan) where both parties and the Real Estate Agent will agree to set a timeframe on when the Final Contract and exchange of keys can take place - this is generally a 3 month or 6 month period. *Stamp Duty might be waived in accordance with Government Schemes such as the First Time Buyers Scheme.

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The Final Contract

this final stage will take you on a first class trip to the property owner’s market where a signed transcript and bank cheque seal the deal once all due dillengene, terms and conditions are cleared. The remaining 4% Stamp Duty will also need to be settled during this phase. Keys are exchanged and contracts are signed - this is the moment when you become a property owner in Malta or Gozo.

Buyer Expenses

Besides the definite cost of the property itself, buying a property in Malta and Gozo requires a few additional costs. These include:

Notarial Fees

generally 1.5% of the purchased price is paid to the notary to cover their service fees including searches on the property’s heritage and security to purchase – this will ensure you peace of mind as a buyer.

Ground Rent

only when applicable, fees will need to be paid to either the Church or the Joint Office and will be mentioned by Simon Mamo experts during your viewing and confirmed by your notary – this is a normal procedure that might occur during your property hunt.

Stamp Duty

3.5% on the first €150,000 for main residence properties is applicable to first time buyers* or non-EU nationals selling property in their native country and relocating to Malta. 5% is charged over the remaining balance that exceeds the €150,000 benchmark.

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