Buying Property in Malta

Buying Property Online

If you’re looking to buy property in Malta and Gozo but do not have the time to travel, allow the experts at Simon Mamo to guide you in choosing the right property virtually. We offer incredible professional advice through stunning property photography, virtual tours and online meetings making sure that your busy schedule does not come in the way of your dream home.

Furthermore, if you need a Malta address for business or leisure purposes, the professional staff at Simon Mamo can help you solve that requirement in a matter of weeks. Our extensive portfolio allows us to pick and choose from the best properties available on the islands, selecting only the listings that would fit your needs. It’s quick, it’s easy and we’re always ready to meet your needs here at Simon Mamo.

At Simon Mamo Real Estate, we know that making our clients happy is what keeps our reputation so high and this pillar of success will always be at the forefront of our philosophy Our company is established on years of dedication, care, admiration and passion for the property market in Malta and Gozo; so who better to trust with the sale of your property? Much like our appreciation of the property market, your drive to find your new home is what will ensure that your working relationship with Simon Mamo Real Estate is a success. We specialise in a myriad of sold property options, with our elite collection of real estate agents ready to take you on private viewings of the most exclusive palazzos, the villas with luxury garden space, the sea view apartments, the charming houses of character and the expertly finished townhouses in our portfolio. We’ve got the tips and tricks that you need to buy property in Malta and Gozo in the smoothest way possible.

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