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If you’re hoping to find the ideal commercial property in Malta or Gozo, look no further than Simon Mamo Real Estate

Our experience in the commercial real estate market is as wide and vast as it gets. Our expert real estate agents have been showing properties across the islands for over 30+ years, leasing office space, retail outlets, restaurants, and other entertainment centres as well as warehouses and storage facilities to some of Malta’s most prestigious business owners.

Our vast selection of commercial leasing options in Malta and Gozo makes for an ideal setting for both property owners and those seeking to lease space – our close connection with both owners and prospective tenants gives us the upper hand when it comes to commercial property leasing. Contact us today for more info.

Commercial Guide

When it comes to investing in Commercial Property, there are many things to consider – but the right location is definitely at the top of the list! With Simon Mamo Real Estate, you’re always in luck when it comes to variety, choice, and diversity of properties in top-quality locations – plus our team is made up of experts who will happily guide you into choosing the right commercial investment for you.

It’s all about location, and Malta’s high-ranking reputation with ideal commercial property investment is what its thriving business culture is all about. Malta is big on innovation and technology, always looking at the next ‘it’ thing to soar in the markets; from iGaming to FinTech and Cryptocurrency – the always constant on Malta’s list… Real Estate!

Seeing as the real estate and construction industries are so strong on Maltese shores, our expert real estate agents at Simon Mamo are constantly in touch with developers, contractors, and big commercial investors to understand the market and discover what properties would make for sound investments for our clients. We do all the groundwork so you don’t have to!

Knowing which commercial blocks in Malta are at the top of everyone’s watchlist means that we can always inform you of the best spaces for our next business venture in Malta. All we’d need to know is your requirements to keep on the lookout or set you up with a ready-to-move-in commercial real estate location. No matter the specifications, we’ll find the right commercial property investment in Malta for you – it’s what we do and we love it.

Category A

Class 1: Dwelling for residential accommodation, lodging, or personal residence that offers commercial occupation purposes to render a service.

Category B

Class 2A: Residential Institution – temporary care or permanent residential solution such as hospitals or nursing homes.
Class 2B: Non-Residential Institution – public spaces such as museums, libraries, public halls, etc.
Class 2C: Educational Institution – centres for learning and training including schools, nurseries, day centres, classrooms, etc.

Category C

Class 3A: Smaller Hospitality Facilities – booking areas such as guesthouses, palazzinos, boutique hotels, hostels, etc.
Class 3B: Larger Hospitality Facilities – booking areas such as hotels.
Class 3C: Marine Leisure Premises – areas for mooring, sailing, diving, or any other marine-based sport or recreation.

Category D

Class 4A: Professional Spaces – units such as offices.
Class 4B: Retail Premises – units for display sale of retail goods (except motor vehicles).
Class 4C: Food & Beverage Establishments – catering establishments where no cooking is allowed.
Class 4D: Food & Beverage Establishments – catering establishments where cooking is allowed.

Category E

Class 5A: Light Industry – areas that service product and process development including crafts, etc.
Class 5B: General Industry – areas that are used for industrial processes.
Class 5C: Specialised Industry – areas that are used for the processing of materials, minerals, etc.

Category F

Class 6A: Storage & Distribution – areas used for the storage of imported goods.
Class 6B: Boatyards – areas used for the specific storage of boats and other marine vehicles.

Category G

Class 7: Agriculture – areas used for animal husbandry and agricultural crops.

Category H

Class 8: Aquaculture – areas used for marine culture and education.

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