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Whether you want to start a new life or are searching for the ideal location to spend your retirement, Malta is the ideal country for you.

From crime rates per capita to car accidents per licensed vehicle, Malta has always fared among the safest in the world, and still does today.

Malta offers free public health services at the main hospitals, which are Mater Dei Hospital (Malta) and the Gozo General Hospital (Gozo) as well as at the various polyclinics on the islands.

Many private hospitals also operate on the islands, which boast thousands of licensed doctors, professors, dentists and other health professionals.

Malta's advantages for foreign investors include membership in the EU, competitive wage rates (compared to other EU states) a highly skilled English-speaking labour force, access to European and North African markets, a fair and just business environment, excellent telecommunications and transport connections as well as several financial and other investment incentives.

Facts and Figures – according to Malta Enterprise

Nationality: Maltese

Capital: Valletta

Timezone: GMT+1

Area: 316 sq km (spread over 3 quaint islands)
Malta - Length: 27.359 kms
Width: 14.480 kms
Gozo - Length : 14.484 kms
Width: 7.242 kms
Malta - Shoreline: 196.80 kms
Gozo - Shoreline: 56.01 kms

Population: 421,000

Climate: Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot dry summers. Sunny climate with a daily average of 6 hours sunshine in mid-winter to more than 12 hours in summer.

Official languages: Maltese and English

European Union Member: Since May 2004

Currency: Euro (since 2008)

GDP per Capita (€) at market prices: 17,000 (2013)

Main economic sectors: Tourism, high value added manufacturing, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, ICT, financial services, education and training, creative arts, aviation, maritime.

Main trading partners: Italy, Germany, France, UK, Singapore, USA and Libya.

Labour force: 165,000

Unemployment: c. 6.5%

Departing tourists: 1.6 million (Dec 2013)

Religion: Main religion is Roman Catholic, but other religions are also followed.

Head of State: President - Mrs Marie Louise Coleiro Preca

Head of Government: Prime Minister - Dr Joseph Muscat

Ruling Party: Labour Party

International dialling code: +356

Internet: Domain suffix for Malta is .mt

Weights & Measures: Metric

Electricity Supply: Conforms to UK standards (230 volts AC, 50 Hz). UK-style three-pin plugs and sockets are used.