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Thinking about paradise? So you are thinking about Gozo… malta, property malta, letting malta, real estate malta, simon mamo malta

Thinking about paradise? So you are thinking about Gozo…

Maltese islands are one of the most beautiful places in the world. There, you can find anything that you want. Historical churches,Gozo real estate and wonderful beaches both sandy and rocky. It depends on you what do you prefer. The best in Malta and Gozo is the fact that you can choose!

Let’s take a look at Gozo beaches…

The most popular beaches in Gozo are Ramla Bay and San Blas Bay. They can offer you crystal clear water and red sand. Can you imagine resting surrounded by the nature, hearing sound of the sea and catching sunshine!

You know what is also a good option? Scuba diving in Gozo. Transparent water will help you to discover an amazing underwater world. According to Diver Magazine, Malta and Gozo was voted the second best diving place in Europe.

Gozo properties are overlooking some of the most amazing sceneries. You can check out Simon Mamo Real Estate as they have a wide selection of properties that be sure to fit your needs.

It is also important to remember about Azure Window. It was one of the major tourists attractions. Due to bad weather, it collapsed in March 2017. It was hit by unavoidable corrosion.

Despite the fact that Azure Window disappeared, Gozo still can offer you loads of amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. 300 sunny days during the year, Mediterranean sea, warm water and soft sand will bring you back to Gozo for sure.

See you there!


Written by -

Beata Szuberla


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