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Internship on Malta – what a great opportunity! malta, property malta, letting malta, real estate malta, simon mamo malta

Internship on Malta – what a great opportunity!

Are you thinking about an internship? That’s perfect. Let’s think together.

Last year I was in the same situation. Wanted to develop myself, gain a valuable experience. Then I realized that Erasmus + is the answer for all my questions – where can I do my internship, who will take care of me, how will I save an appropriate amount of money…

I went to office in my university which is responsible for Erasmus + Program. I have met such a helpful people there and then I knew that my aim is to realize my internship abroad. I got the contact for the students which have made their internship and as soon as I could I contacted them. After few hours I knew that my direction is Malta. Students who had their internship in this island said “go, do not even think, just go – it will be the best journey in your life.“ They have convinced me. I did not even think, I just decided to start a new chapter in my life. And now I am in the middle of the Mediterranean See and I am catching as much sunshine as I can. I am working with amazing people and appreciate every moment. What I know for sure is the fact that I will be more self-confident on the labor market, because of the experience which is priceless nowadays.

This opportunity was given to me by Simon Mamo Real Estate. Here I have the chance to observe how estate agents works. Its amazing how they talk about their wide variety of properties in Malta and Gozo, I also can develop my language skills, because I am using it in practice. Writing posts on company’s websites and updating database are really good exercises for interns. Not only the good company which I have chosen is the reason why I am so happy because of being here. Sunny days, amazing views, crystal clear water and historical cities are giving me the chance to rest and spend my holidays in such a perfect place. I can work here, develop myself, rest and feel relax. Should I want something more? I don’t think so…

Thank you Erasmus + Program and Simon Mamo Real Estate for this opportunity, I will never forget about it.

So if you still cannot decide if taking a part in abroad internship is a good idea I will tell you something. My friends told me the same when I was in your situation: “go, do not even think, just go – it will be the best journey in your life”.

written by -
Beata Szuberla

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