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Malta - the country overlooking the sea!

XVI and XVII century in the history of Malta is a time when ruling on the island fought with Turks or pirates. Due to this fact Great Masters of the Joannite Order began construction of observation towers and forts. What is more, towers were in the first line of resistance in case of enemy attack.

We can describe three types of towers on Malta. The first one is called Wignacourt towers, second one – Lascaris towers and the last one is the De Redin Towers. Those names are connected with names of Great Masters who began the process of building those towers. Construction of the Wignacourt towers began between 1610 – 1620. These are the largest towers on the island. When we are watching at this magnificent limestone walls and small windows of this huge towers we feel respect and admiration. All Malta visitors should visit these towers and imagine the guards who were looking at the sea and become them for a moment.

Smaller towers Lascaris and De Redin were building between 1637 – 1659. These buildings were only watchtowers. Each of the towers is within sight of the neighbor towers. They served as a communication between Gozo and the Great Port. We can see that the sea has played an important role in the life of the island. The sea was a source of unrest. Today, when Malta is safe, the sea is a blessing because it is like magnet for tourist which comes from all around the world. If you come here you will definitely want to stay.

The Malta real estate market can definitely offer you properties which will persuade you to stay. In the wide offer of the Simon Mamo Real Estate you will definitely find a home with view of the rising sun at the seaside. It will be your tower!

Written by -
PaweĊ‚ Kijanka

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