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Maltese heart - Mdina

In the middle of the island we can find medieval capital of Malta. It is very peaceful place, the only thing which can interrupt you is sound of churches bells... Around the town there are many green places and the biggest park on the island – Buskett Gardens. The ancient Mdina has 370 inhabitants. This place was founded in ancient times.

We will not focus about history of this places. I would like recommend some nice attractions there. For example you should visit Aviation Museum, where we can find renewed aircraft like Spitfire or Huricane. You can also visit Cathedral Museum. In this place which is from XVIII century you can see the copperplates and woodcuts of Albrecht Dürera.

If you like things related to the army you should go to Palazzo Falson. The 13th- century building is the place where you can admire about 3500 works of arts, weapons. All these things were owned by the last owner of the palace – captain Olofa Fredericka Gollchera.

However, the biggest attraction is the city itself. Simon Mamo real estate, one of Malta top leading real estate agencies in Malta have a wide variety of apartments for rent in Malta.That is why you should take a walk. You will see statues of lions, guarding the bridge, magnificent walls surrounding the city. In the northern part of town there is a capillary of St. Agatha which was built in 1410. The main street of the city is Villegaignon Street which have 230 meters. Nearby is Casa Inguanez residence which is the seat of the oldest aristocratic family in Malta. Spanish kings have unlimited access to this place but since 1927 they have not used it.

If you would like to rest from the beach and sea for a moment, Mdina and its surroundings are the best place. Gorgeous buildings and landscape will let you forget about the trouble and the time spent in this city will not be wasted.

Written by -
PaweĊ‚ Kijanka

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