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Three islands in the middle of Mediterranean Sea

If you are planning a trip to Malta you need to know about two more island which are close to country with the capital in Valetta.

Both Gozo and Comino are very close to Malta. Both are very beautiful and they are an ideal place to sunbathing, diving, swimming… whatever you want. You need to take ferry from Malta to get there. It takes just 20 – 25 minutes.

Comino is very popular place, so during the summer season it is hard to find a peaceful place there. The same situation is in the most popular beaches in Malta and Gozo – Golden Bay, Paradise Bay, Rivera Bay and Ramla Bay on Gozo. But it is understandable, just take a look on Malta’s beaches and if you are acquiring to buying property in Malta overlooking beautiful views of the beaches, Simon Mamo real estate has got you covered!

  •  If you want to spend an amazing time with your friends the above beaches will be perfect for you.
  •  If you want to spend a time with the family there are lots of place here, which offers you safety access to the water for kids. So let say it again, Malta is perfect!
  • If you want to spend your honey moon in amazing place (or just romantic holidays) choose the islands on the middle of Mediterranean Sea! You will remember about this place to the rest of your life.
  •  If you want to spend time on your own, choose farmhouse on Gozo and discover the beauty of this peaceful island.

Still wondering about holidays direction? You do not need to! Think about fresh air, crystal clear water, amazing sunny days, lots of old and historical churches – just about museum under the sky with the beautiful landscape. Remember, that you are always welcome in Malta.

written by -
Beata Szuberla

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