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Real Estate

a taught career vs. possessing a natural inclination


Some think that being a real estate agent is a taught career, but others think it’s actually possessing a natural inclination.


Now if we say that an estate agent really needs to know how to work with people, many would say that you get that from possessing a natural inclination.

You need to know that you can learn to be more relaxed while talking to people by talking to more and more people. You can improve your communication skills by listening to others and even just by expanding your vocabulary so you feel more confident in what you are saying.


But real estate isn’t just the need to know how to work with people and knowing how to communicate with them, you also need to be responsible and good with papers and money.

The also quite important thing is that you need a personality and that can’t really be taught.


But everything set aside, you can learn how to love what you do and also learn how to do what you love.


Nika Sabanovic - Simon Mamo Real Estate Intern


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