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English Culture in Malta

Why learn English in Malta?


Malta is a unique island, where the English is spoken as much as the Maltese (both are official languages) and where the English culture is implanted. Malta is also independent since 1964 but she kept privileged relations with the United Kingdom, and tracks of the British culture remains everywhere.


For example, the phone boxes and red mailboxes well known of London also find themselves on the island. The English is so well implanted in Malta that you can find 48 establishments dedicated to the learning of the language for an Island of 420,000 inhabitants. The FELTOM (Federation of English Language Teaching Organizations Malta) is the only professional federation and includes 22 schools of language in Malta and Gozo among the 48 accredited by the government. Each year, you can meet around 75,000 young and adults who come to improve their English. For properties close to this organization, contact Simon Mamo Real Estate and they will surely help you out!


Malta is also a very cosmopolitan country, with a multicultural story. In fact, the country has saw the French colonization and the British domination until its independence. What's more, it's an Island with beautiful cities including three sites registered on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list and magnificent landscapes in the Mediterranean climate. This result as 300 sunny days per year.


Peninnet Powl-Lovis , Perriere Valemtim - Simon Mamo Real Estate Interns


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