Renting in Malta is a common and highly popular housing option. With a number of locals owning second, third or fourth properties, their aim is to accommodate the rental market with ideal housing options for any budget or lifestyle expectation.

If you own property in Malta or Gozo and are looking to maximise the potential on your rental opportunities, Simon Mamo Real Estate can facilitate the process with only a few clicks! Local landlords and Simon Mamo Real Estate have a long-lasting relationship based on the mutual trust and understanding of the industry as well as the tenants’ best interests!

If selling your second property is not in your near future, renting out your office, apartment, townhouse or villa could result in a huge stream of revenue on a yearly basis. Whether it’s commercial or residential rental opportunity, the market in Malta and Gozo is always hungry for variety and expertly finished properties – the likes of which are drawn to the elite services offered by Simon Mamo Real Estate.

Our expert real estate agents will view your rental property, take professional photography and advertise the lease of the commercial or residential space based on the target rent you are expecting each month. Property agents will also share their advice on how to make the most out of your property with small expenditure improvements to entice viewers more easily.

Once an interested tenant decides that your property is their ideal rental space, a contract is drawn up, deposits, first month’s rent and water and electricity advances are settled along with the exchange of the keys. This generally takes place onsite and takes about an hour to finalise.

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