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Discover Floriana, Malta: A Treasure Trove of History and Culture

Welcome to Floriana, Malta

History of Floriana

Floriana, situated in the central-western part of Malta’s main island, boasts a rich tapestry of history dating back to its founding in 1597 by Grand Master Jean de La Cassiere. Designed as a fortified bastion, it served the pivotal role of protecting Valletta, Malta’s capital city, from potential invasions. Today, it exemplifies a vibrant blend of historical significance and modern-day charm, luring both locals and tourists to explore its enduring legacy and cultural heritage.

What to Do and See in Floriana

Floriana is a gateway to an array of unique attractions and activities:

  • The Bastion: A strategic edifice offering breathtaking views over the Grand Harbour. A testament to Floriana’s historical military significance.
  • The Church of St. Rita: Marvel at the baroque splendor within this sacred structure, a crucial pilgrimage site drawing visitors with its enchanting interior decorations (
  • The National Museum of Fine Arts: Discover Maltese art spanning various periods, housed within the exquisite Palazzo de Valletta.
  • The Floriana Market: Engage in the lively atmosphere of the Saturday market, a perfect spot to find local produce and crafts. Dive deeper into local culture and traditions through this vibrant marketplace.
  • The Granaries: Explore these historical structures, once pivotal in food storage, now pivotal in cultural events and exhibitions.

Types of Properties in Floriana

Floriana’s living environment is marked by its peaceful and quiet atmosphere, offering a diverse array of properties ranging from traditional Maltese townhouses oozing with character and history, to modern apartments that provide all the conveniences for contemporary living. Its prime location, steeped in rich cultural heritage, makes Floriana a sought-after place for those who cherish a blend of tradition and modernity.

FAQs About Floriana

What is Floriana best known for?
Floriana is renowned for its historical background as a fortified bastion, its varied cultural events, and its beautiful, intricate landmarks, like the Church of St. Rita and the Bastion.
How can I reach Floriana?
Floriana is conveniently accessible by bus or car, lying just a short distance from Valletta, the capital city of Malta.
What are the living conditions in Floriana like?
Floriana offers a tranquil and serene living environment, juxtaposed with convenient access to amenities, making it a desirable location for both its heritage and welcoming community.

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