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Discover Gudja, Malta: A Hidden Gem

Discover Gudja, Malta: A Hidden Gem

History of Gudja

Nestled in the heart of Malta, Gudja is a town rich in history and cultural heritage. With roots stretching back to the 17th century, Gudja boasts architectural marvels such as the Parish Church of St. Paul, renowned for its baroque style and stunning interiors. This town has preserved its historic essence while embracing the modern era, making it a testament to Malta’s vibrant history.

What to do and see in Gudja

Gudja is a treasure trove of attractions and activities. Visit the Belvedere Gardens for panoramic views that span until the Blue Lagoon in Gozo, or explore the local history at the Gudja Folk Museum. For nature enthusiasts, the surrounding countryside offers beautiful trails for hiking and nature walks. Don’t miss experiencing the genuine Maltese festas, including the Feast of St. Paul and the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, showcasing colorful parades and traditional foods.

Types of properties in Gudja

In Gudja, the property landscape ranges from traditional townhouses that reflect the town’s rich history, to modern apartments providing the comforts of contemporary living. Gudja’s location, combined with its close-knit community vibe, makes it a desirable location for both locals and expatriates looking for properties that offer both character and convenience.

FAQs About Gudja

Q: What is the population of Gudja?
A: Gudja has a population of approximately 4,500 residents.

Q: How do I get to Gudja from Valletta?
A: Gudja is accessible via bus (Route X3) or by car from Valletta, with the journey taking around 30 minutes.

Q: What are the best hiking trails in Gudja?
A: Popular hiking trails include routes from Gudja to Rabat, to the natural pool, and to the Belvedere Gardens.

Q: What are the best restaurants in Gudja?
A: Highlights include Il-Birzebbuġa, Ta’ Kris, and Il-Kartell, offering a mix of traditional Maltese cuisine and international options.

Q: What are the best beaches near Gudja?
A: The Blue Lagoon in Gozo and Mellieħa Bay are among the top beaches near Gudja, perfect for various water sports and relaxation.

For more information on Malta’s hidden gems and Gudja, visit Visit Malta.

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