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History of Gzira

Situated on Malta’s northeastern coast, Gzira has evolved from a quiet fishing village into a bustling town known for its historical landmarks and cultural vibrance. One notable site is the Granaries, a 17th-century establishment initially used to store grain and now repurposed as a cultural hub hosting events and exhibitions.

What to do and see in Gzira

Gzira’s picturesque seafront promenade offers breathtaking views and access to the town’s historical and natural beauties. The Bahar I-Kbir Gardens provide a tranquil escape with stunning vistas of Marsamxett Harbour and Manoel Island. Adventure seekers can explore the thriving outdoor activities at Tigné Point Park and enjoy sunbathing at Marsamxett and Exiles Beaches. For an evening out, the Dragonara Casino on the promenade promises excitement with its array of games and entertainment options.

Types of properties in Gzira

Gzira’s strategic position between Valletta and Sliema has cultivated a diverse real estate landscape, catering to various preferences and needs. From modern apartments with seafront views to traditional Maltese townhouses, the town offers a range of living experiences. Its central location ensures easy access to amenities and a vibrant lifestyle, making it a sought-after place to reside.

FAQs About Gzira

  1. What is there to do in Gzira?
    Gzira is a hub of activity, offering everything from historical excursions at the Granaries to leisure moments in Bahar I-Kbir Gardens, beach outings, and enjoying the bustling nightlife and dining along the promenade.
  2. Is Gzira a safe place to live?
    Yes, Gzira enjoys a reputation as a safe and secure town, characterized by a low crime rate and effective local policing.
  3. What is the cost of living in Gzira?
    While the cost of living in Gzira is slightly higher due to its prime location, it remains more affordable than many other European cities, offering a balanced lifestyle.
  4. Is there good public transportation in Gzira?
    Gzira prides itself on excellent connectivity, with multiple bus routes and ferry services linking the town to greater Malta, enhancing its appeal as a convenient residential choice.
  5. What is the weather like in Gzira?
    Enjoying a mild Mediterranean climate, Gzira experiences warm summers and gentle winters, with average temperatures ranging from 15°C in the colder months to 29°C during summer.

For more information on Gzira and its attractions, visit Visit Malta.

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