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Discovering Mqabba: A Gem in Malta’s Southern Region

Welcome to Mqabba: A Hidden Treasure in Malta

History of Mqabba

Steeped in history, Mqabba is a testament to Malta’s rich past, blending traditional Maltese culture with modern touches. The most iconic historical landmark is the Parish Church of St. Paul the Apostle, built in the late 16th century. Its baroque architecture and exquisite interiors showcase a deep religious heritage. Nearby, Ta’ Kola Windmill offers a glimpse into Malta’s agricultural history, while the Wignacourt Museum, residing within the majestic Wignacourt Palace, houses an extensive collection of art and historical artifacts.

What to Do and See in Mqabba

Mqabba’s attractions extend beyond its historical landmarks to encompass outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Dingli Cliffs, just a short drive away, provide spectacular Mediterranean views, ideal for hiking and sunset-watching. For a taste of local life, the weekly markets offer everything from fresh produce to traditional crafts. Mqabba’s calendar is punctuated by cultural events, such as the vibrant Feast of St. Paul the Apostle and numerous traditional festivals that bring the community together.

Types of Properties in Mqabba

Mqabba offers a diverse range of properties, from traditional townhouses rich in character to modern apartments providing contemporary living. Its serene countryside and close-knit community atmosphere make it an attractive location for those seeking both tranquility and a strong sense of belonging.

FAQs About Mqabba

What is the population of Mqabba?
Approximately 7,500, reflecting a vibrant and tight-knit community.
What are the main attractions in Mqabba?
The town is renowned for the Parish Church, Ta’ Kola Windmill, Wignacourt Museum, and the nearby Dingli Cliffs.
What cultural events does Mqabba host?
Mqabba celebrates numerous events, including the Feast of St. Paul the Apostle and traditional Maltese festivals.
Is Mqabba a good place to live?
With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and strong community, Mqabba is an excellent choice for those seeking a culturally rich living environment.
How do I get to Mqabba?
Mqabba is easily accessible by bus or car, located around 10 kilometers south of Valletta.

Discover the allure of Mqabba, where history and modernity meet amidst the Mediterranean’s captivating landscapes.

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