Regular and Managed Sole Agency

When you’re in the process of selling your home there are some many factors to consider.

Besides the emotional attachments and financial prospects, there’s a tonne of paperwork and meetings to add to your agenda too – one decision that will help you make this process as simple and stress-free as possible is opting for a sole agency.

Simon Mamo Real Estate is always ready to help and service our clients to a T – we are adamant on making your selling process as easy as possible, saving your time and money in the process. Working with a real estate agent will relieve you from a world of tasks that we can handle in no time; we do it everyday and love to see the results – so you know you’re always in safe hands.
Choosing a sole agent means that your interests in selling the property are equally important to each other – a sole agent has exclusive rights to market your home and ensure that your goals are aligned while an open agency allows more than one agent to take a chance at selling your property. Different fees apply for sole and open agents, but the results and reach may differ.
While open listing allow for more of an audience to view your property, sole agents are determined to showcase your property in the best light for their slightly decreased commission resulting in a better asking price, an increase in targeted exposure and a focus on highlighting the property as a priority for the agency.
Here are some more reasons why choosing Simon Mamo as your sole real estate agent could be beneficial to you:

hands mature client real estate agent with pens pointing contract before signing it 1

You will benefit from commission rates that are reduced from 5% to 3.5% – making your profit a whole lot better!
You will only have to talk to one agency – and we’re super friendly and helpful plus you can always trust us to have your best interest!

You will market one fixed price, with one clear messaging and communication approach that is agreed to by you, the seller, giving the impression of a more luxurious and prestigious purchase.

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