Property Management

Have You Heard Of Simon Mamo Homes?​

Well it’s Simon Mamo Real Estate’s subsidiary company that has been taking care of local properties for 30+ years! Our collection of properties have been finished to the highest of standards and are regularly maintained to offer the most optimum renting facilities on the island.
With 30 properties in our portfolio, we’ve been able to meet the market’s needs and offer a stellar service for all your basic home improvements, aesthetic needs and everyday real estate necessities. Some of the duties that we carry out through Simon Mamo Homes include:

Property Evaluation

here we check the property’s condition, renovation costs and potential rental revenue.

Property Photography

quality photography is provided for promotion of sales or rental listings.

Property Improvements

if necessary, this step is used to optimise the property’s aesthetic and usability through our trained tradesmen whose finishings will need to pass a quality inspection test.

Property Management

once your property is rented through Simon Mamo Homes, regular maintenance, clearing costs and repair costs are handed through your package.

Property Viewings

here our expert agents show potential buyers around your property, keeping you informed on the progress in hopes of striking a fair deal all the way through to the final contract.

Property Marketing

during this phase, Simon Mamo Real Estate and property owners decide the best ways to push the property through the estate agency’s portfolio.

Property Accounting

monthly rent is forwarded to your account should your property be leased through Simon Mamo Real Estate while sold properties will be followed through to the exciting key exchange.

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